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First Aid Rhino Glue

[1] How do I remove Rhino glue from hands?

To remove Rhino Glue from your skin, soak the bonded area in warm soapy water or (Nail Polish Remover). The answer is to be patient and do not try to pull the area apart.

Gently peel or roll the surfaces apart after soaking, the adhesive should come off easily. Apply moisturizer after removal.


[2] What if Rhino Glue comes in contact with my eye?


In the event that eyelids are stuck together or bonded to the eyeball, wash thoroughly with warm water and apply a gauze patch. Do not try to open the eyes by manipulation. The eye will open without further action, typically in 1-4 days. Seek medical attention.


[3] What do I do If I consume Rhino Glue ?


If lips are accidentally stuck together, appiy lots of warm water to the lips and encourage maximurn wetting and pressure from saliva inside the mouth. The answer is to be patient and gently Peel or roll lips apart. Do not try to pull the lips apart with direct opposing action. The cyanoacrylate adhesive solidifies (hardens) in the mouth. The Saliva in your mouth will break down the bond in one to two days. Do not use any solvents near your mouth. Seek medical attention.


[4] What about Rhino Glue vapors?

Rhino Glue should be used in a ventilated area. Inhalation may cause irritation to the throat, nose and repiratory area. In the case of irritation, remove to fresh air


First Aid Rhino Grip


[1] Rhino Grip skin contact?

Wash with plenty of soap and water.


[2] What if Rhino Grip comes in contact with my eye?


Flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical advice


[3] Rhino Grip Inhalation?


Remove to fresh air.


[4] What about Rhino Grip Ingestion?


Seek medical advice.

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