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[1] How Should I Store the Rhino glue adhesive bottle?

Wipe away excess adhesive with a disposable cloth and tap the bottle on a hard surface to drain glue down from the nozzle. Always place black cap back on bottle after the project is completed.-Rhino glue is always best when stored in a dark cool place.

Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight.

If stored inside a dark cool place, Rhino glue has a shelf life of about 1 to 2 years.

[2] What is Rhino Glue Best Used On?

Wood, Metals, Plastics, Canvas, Rubber, Fabrics, Ceramics, Vinyl, Foam, Glass, Jewelry, Dissimilar Materials and much more.

[3] How Can I clean Up the Excess Rhino glue?

To clean a small excess of adhesive, simply wipe away with a cloth.

[4] What is Rhino Grip used for?

Rhino Grip adhesive is a hand moldable, fast curing adhesive that enables quick repairs to metals, wood, concrete, ceramics and plastics.. It sticks to wet surfaces and will harden underwater. Rhino Grip  adhesive gives shape back to any material. Work time 3-5 minutes, hardens in 15 minutes. Can be filled, drilled, sanded, sawed, painted and more. You can use Rhino Grip adhesive on wood filling or bonding, garden hose and gutter leaks, glass, iron, steel, indoor & outdoor loose tile, plastic, metal, brick, ceramic, mounting hooks on concrete and aluminum. It can be sawed, drilled, sanded, painted, filled, tapped and more.

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