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Rhino Glue


The Only Glue You'll Ever Need! Rhino Glue is a commercial grade adhesive that will bond virtually anything to anything. Rhino Glue can be used in or around the house, business and industrial projects. Rhino Glues secret is the result of twenty one years of research and testing to establish a stronger, tougher and longer lasting adhesive. With the latest technology our stress tough formula will help your projects resist impacts, moisture, heat and vibrations.

What makes Rhino Glue different from glues that sit on store shelves for long periods of time? We manufacture daily and ship direct to you our full strength formula for maximum bonding power and durability. No more failed bonds or dry outs with our triple distilled adhesive that works on materials where others fail. Rhino glues clearer gel offers better control and working time on porous or non-porous surfaces. Rhino bonds everything from convertible tops to fine jewelry and much more. Rhino Glue Pro kit comes with a great brush on glue bottle with applicator cap for precision applications. 


Are you tired of so many confusing formulas like one for wood and another for fabric? We offer our Rhino Tough One Formula solution that will bond the same or dissimilar surfaces like plastics, vinyl's, woods, rubber, ceramics, metals, glass, upholstery, canvas and more. This fantastic bonding agent also has excellent shear strength and is ideal for indoor or outdoor usage. Choose from our Rhino Glue, Rhino Epoxy, Rhino Tape, Rhino Ultra and Rhino Hot Glue adhesives and kits to meet all your bonding needs.  

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Dave K, PA

GREAT product...This glue works on everything. I've glued metal to plastic. I glued metal to glass. I've glued canvas to canvas. This is the BEST glue I've ever used. If you want a glue that WORKS this is IT.. Highly recommend it. Worth the money. Thank you Rhino. Read More >>>

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